Don't just take our word for it

Ellie & Loannis

WOW your food is honestly incredible! As foodies this was extremely important to us and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a meal so quick. Our one worry… missing the canapés whilst having photos… but of course you had this covered and we were brought out our own separate plate of canapés out once we had finished our photos! This made us very happy.

The main food was delicious and we’ve had many guests commenting on how much they enjoyed it! 

When we chose the goats cheese starter we thought this could be ‘risky’ as it’s an acquired taste however the amount of guests who complemented the goats cheese and how well it was cooked/served was a lot!! 

Thank you so much it meant a lot to us that the guests enjoyed their food and they really did!  

Taste, presentation and professionalism was 100%! 


Ellie & Loannis