2024 Food Trends

As the excitement of 2023 wedding planning comes closer to an end, a new era of wedding trends is on the horizon for 2024. For the next year, we expect to see more micro-weddings, intimate and meaningful gatherings, eco-friendly and sustainable choices and bespoke decor and catering. Are you getting married next year? If you are, keep reading to find out what the 2024 wedding food trends and predictions are.

Bottles up!

A standout trend for 2024 is the move away from traditional bar setups. Couples who want an extra dose of vavavoom are embracing the concept of bringing in professional cocktail mixologists or a chic prosecco van to add a touch of sophistication and 50s glam.

Another drinks and bar trend is personalised couple cocktails and mocktails. Often, variations of well-known cocktails are personalised and given a new name to celebrate the couple. This can bring a whole new meaning to couples, who then have a signature cocktail, one they can come back to every anniversary to celebrate their union.

We’re also seeing a growing trend of couples opting for shots instead of champagne toasts. Shot of tequila, anyone?

Food Trends

Food is an essential part of any celebration. In 2024, we’re going to be seeing couples exploring innovative catering options (even more than in 2023). Street food and food vans are becoming increasingly popular, adding an element of excitement and variety to the dining experience.

Street Food Lovers

This style of food is inspired by the food trucks and food stalls found on the streets of cities across the world. The idea behind this concept is to offer guests a variety of dishes rather than one big plate of food.

Some popular street food options include tacos, bao buns, burgers and pizzas. However, for the food adventurers, other favourites include Korean fried chicken, lobster and shrimp rolls, Venezuelan arepas, and Indian chaat. Street food brings a vibrant vibe to the wedding celebration with a cool and relaxed atmosphere. It often also sparks a talking point for those who have tried the food before and those exploring new flavours for the first time.

Which brings us to the next trend, “Late Night Snacks”.

Late-Night Snacks

Keep the party going! Offer guests a little extra to keep them dancing and singing all night. Late-night snacks can range from gourmet popcorn to mini pizzas or nachos. Late-night snacks not only provide sustenance but also add an element of surprise to the evening.

Speaking of small bites, we can’t forget Canapés.

Canapés are IN

However, we are not talking about traditional canapé options of smoked salmon blinis and cocktail sausages. We are talking creative and elegant canapé bite-sized options served on cool and innovative presentation trays. Such as mini wild mushroom toasties with truffle oil, mini cheese & bacon burgers, garden vegetables with edible soil served in terracotta pots, arancini, and tapioca crisps with salmon. Whatever your taste, there are plenty of canapé options to impress your guests.

Sweet Dreams are made of… Dessert Stations

The idea is to offer guests various small bite-size desserts they can choose from. This includes everything from classic desserts such as creme brûlée, cheesecake, tarts and brownies to more unconventional options such as doughnuts and ice cream stations. Dessert stations are a fun way to give guests a sweet treat and offer a fun and interactive experience. It also adds personality and gives guests another opportunity to try new things. You can personalise your dessert station to include you and your partner’s favourite desserts in a mini version.

Overall, your wedding catering choices should be about you. Make meaningful choices that will be remembered and cherished forever.

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