Meet our Managing Director

We have some incredible news to share with you! We have a new managing director who is no stranger to our team. Please join us in welcoming back someone who has been with Epic since the beginning, our very own Roxy Greenwood.

An Epic Journey 

Ever since Nick first established the company eight years ago, Roxy Greenwood has been an integral part of Epic. With a strong background in hospitality, she jumped into event catering management and quickly made her mark. Her dedication, hard work, and knack for using her initiative saw her rise through the ranks swiftly. By 2022, she had become our Operations Director, a role she excelled in before taking a brief hiatus for maternity leave.


After returning from maternity leave, Roxy explored the education sector catering part of our business as a Business Development Manager. Now, she is back at Epic, bringing her wealth of experience, fresh perspectives, and dynamic new ideas as our Managing Director. Her journey with Nick and extensive experience in the wedding sector aligns perfectly with our company goals.

Q&A with Roxy Greenwood

Q: What is your favourite part of a wedding?

A: Mine is actually the end of the night- not because it’s over but because the couple is telling you that they have had the best day of their lives and thanking you for it – well, what could be a better feeling at the end of your day? On the food front, 100% of the canapés – we love it when we work with couples to bespoke their canapés to reflect them – mini portions of their favourite dishes or family recipes – something that really means something to them as a couple.


Q: What’s one thing you would recommend to couples when choosing caterers?

A: I always tell couples to look beyond just the food. Yes, delicious food is crucial, but so is the service. Choose caterers who are not only great chefs but also great at making you and your guests feel special. 


Q: How does it feel to be back at Epic, especially now as the Managing Director?

A: It’s fantastic! Epic has always been like a second family to me. Being back feels like coming home, and I’m thrilled to lead such an amazing team.

Q: Epic is always on trend with weddings. Can you share a bit about how you keep up with the latest trends?

A: Absolutely! We constantly research, attend industry events, and listen to our clients. Their dreams and ideas often inspire us to create something truly unique and trendy. We always aim to be ahead of the curve. Our senior management team is a group of really creative people, so we regularly get together to develop new ideas for our menus. 

Q: We heard you’re getting married next year! How do you feel about the planning process?

A: It’s so exciting and a little surreal planning my own wedding after being part of so many others. I’m enjoying every moment of it and have a newfound appreciation for all the emotions and decisions our couples go through.

We’re incredibly excited about the future with Roxy Greenwood at the helm of Epic. Her journey, dedication, and passion for creating unforgettable events are truly inspiring. We can’t wait to see the fantastic new ideas she’ll bring to our weddings and events.

Please join us in congratulating Roxy on her new role. If you’re planning a wedding or event, you’re in the best hands with her leading our Epic team!


Roxy, back in the day when Epic first started