Summer Drinks for Spectacular Summer Weddings

It’s summertime! Bring out the Pimms, Aperol Spritz, and Rosé! Yeah, that’s cool, but if you want to impress, leave those behind and spice up the party with more exciting and exotic additions.

Make it fresh and simple with a splash of va-va-voom!

Spritz it! But make it extra special by adding local fresh fruits and natural ingredients. Like a Hugo Spritz, a gently herbaceous spritz made with St-Germain elderflower liqueur, mint, prosecco, and soda water—or a Limoncello Spritz, the perfect daytime summer cocktail with sparkling fizz and hints of sweet and zesty lemon.

Classic cocktails with a difference will also see a resurgence.

As summer 2024 approaches, our taste buds are in for a treat with a revival of classic cocktails, each with a modern twist. While the allure of timeless drinks like the Old Fashioned, Negroni, and Martini will never fade, bartenders all over the UK are now reimagining these iconic beverages, blending the old with the new and introducing unique ingredients and techniques.

Who can forget the Negroni Sbagliato… “with prosecco in it”, popularized by Emma D’Arcy’s viral TikTok moment. This delightful twist on the traditional Negroni swaps out gin for sparkling Prosecco, adding a bubbly, effervescent quality perfect for summer. Its bittersweet profile remains, but the added fizz makes it a lighter, more celebratory drink. Expect more variations like this, where a simple swap creates an entirely new experience.

The old but new

One of the most iconic cocktails, the Old Fashioned, is getting a smoky upgrade. By infusing the drink with smoked wood chips or incorporating smoky spirits like mezcal, bartenders add depth and complexity to its rich flavour profile. This twist enhances the combination of classic whiskey and bitters and introduces a captivating aroma that makes every sip an experience.

Not for James Bond

Martinis are synonymous with sophistication, and their simplicity makes them a perfect canvas for experimentation. This summer, look out for herb-infused versions that bring a fresh, garden-like quality to the drink. Whether it’s a rosemary-infused gin martini or a basil and cucumber vodka martini, these botanical twists add a refreshing, earthy dimension ideal for warm-weather sipping.

The Espresso Martini, a modern classic in its own right, is also seeing some inventive twists. Think beyond the traditional vodka, coffee liqueur, and espresso mix. This summer, variations with flavoured syrups like vanilla bean or caramel, or even a touch of chilli for a spicy kick, will be making an appearance. These tweaks enhance the cocktail’s rich, bold flavour and make it an intriguing after-dinner option.

Savoury and Spicy Cocktails

Savoury and spicy cocktails are becoming increasingly popular as people seek more complex and exciting flavours in their drinks. Popular savoury cocktails include the Bloody Mary and the Dirty Martini, while spicy cocktails include the Jalapeño Margarita and the Ginger Basil Smash. Spicy cocktails have become a hit with the social elite, with the “Picante” becoming an emblem of the swanky members-only club Soho House. With a jalapeño and freno chilli base, agave syrup, lime juice, and tequila reposado, this little number is HAWT!!

Consider adding these twisted classics to your drink menu as you plan your summer wedding. They’re sure to impress your guests and elevate your cocktail experience. Whether you’re a traditionalist at heart or an adventurous sipper, a reimagined classic is perfect for you.