The Epic FAQs 

We know planning your Wedding or Event may be a little daunting, so we have put together some questions we feel will help you plan your special day, answered by the voice of your team, dedicated to you and your big day.
Andrew & Emma, our Sales managers who are your wedding gurus

How many options do I offer my guests for a 3 course sit down meal?

As a standard, we ask for you to choose one starter, one main & one dessert for all your guests to have the same. This way, you are reducing any need for unnecessary admin and service remains smooth! We can of course discuss offering your guests a choice at a supplement of £1.50 per person, per course where you can offer up to three choices per course. We will require these choices as a ‘pre-order’ at least one month in advance, with a corresponding table plan to ensure your guests get the correct dishes. 

What about my guests that have dietary requirements, what can I do for them? Do I have to pay?

Don’t panic about this to begin with. Almost all weddings we cater have at least some dietary requirements to look after. As long as we know about any guests with allergies & food intolerances such as gluten free, dairy free, nut allergies etc we can adapt your chosen dishes to suit their requirements or give a close alternative at no additional charge. This will also cover any vegetarians or vegans – we will have an alternative dish for these guests to have at no extra charge. 

Can I change some items on a dish if I don’t like something?

Of course you can. We pride ourselves on being versatile and flexible when it comes to your wedding catering. Anything is possible. The brochures and menus are inspirational guides to point you into the right direction. If there is anything that you’re not too sure about or want to switch out for something else, we can discuss this with you to create a dish you will enjoy. Changing your potato style or switching out a vegetable for something else is completely fine. 

Should we offer something simple, so we know everyone will be happy with the food?

Our professional opinion would be to go for what you will enjoy rather than worrying about what everyone else will like. The wedding is about yourselves as a couple, so you should be able to share with your guests an insight into what you love to eat (As well as your other half of course!) If you are really worried about what your guests will think of your chosen menu and think that your guests will not enjoy certain things you have chosen, then opting for a choice menu will be the way forward. You aren’t always going to please everyone but with a few options to choose from, you have a little bit more of a chance to satisfy!  

Do I have to have a sit down 3 course meal?

Absolutely not! With Epic, we encourage the unusual if that’s what you’re looking for. Our team of catering experts are on hand to discuss any idea, thought or even colour scheme to match the food to your vision. Have a chat with your wedding expert to discuss more details on doing something a little different to the traditions, and look out for our high street feast, sharing ranges and small dish feast on our brochure to get your creative juices flowing for inspiration! 

We are still undecided, When do you need to know final details?

Your menu can switch and change up until one month before the wedding, so you have plenty of time to decide what you’d like to go for. We will be looking for a more accurate guest number and food choices around 1 year before to coincide with your 50% payment, however at this stage we still don’t expect you to know exact numbers or food choices – just a better idea to arrange the payment! Any changes after this stage will be reflected at that one month before period. 

I don’t know how many people to cater for the evening, can you advise?

We usually recommend catering around 90% of your evening guests other than when choosing the pizza station. We would highly recommend catering to 100% of your evening guests for the pizza, or at the very least 95% of your total number of guests. If you are not having any additional guests join you for the evening do, we would still suggest catering to around 90% to ensure your guests are fed adequately for the evening. We provide our evening buffets in Kraft boxes which are recyclable takeaway boxes, for your guests to move about the evening party freely and box up to take home with them if they wish. This is just a guide – speak with your designated wedding expert to discuss further numbers. 

How do we try our wedding food before the wedding day?

 Once your wedding catering is confirmed with us, we will look to invite you to your Epic Food Tasting Experience between 1 year – 6 months before the wedding at either your chosen venue or at one of our Tasting Suites. We will give plenty of notice as to when your taster will be due to take place to ensure you have plenty of time to plan around it. If you require a food taster if you are deciding between caterers at a venue that has a suppliers list, contact your sales manager to discuss in more detail!

What happens at an Epic Food Tasting Experience?

Our Food Tasting Experiences are where you get to try a selection of our most popular dishes to have a feel of what to expect for your big day, have a chance to meet the team face to face and discuss any questions you may have and enjoy the presentation of our delicious food. Our Food Tasting Experiences are for couples only, as we have limited spaces to ensure all our couples have the opportunity to attend. These tasting sessions are complimentary from us.  

We will be posting a blog about your Epic Food Tasting Experience very soon, keep an eye out for our new blog posts! 

Team EPIC x