Work, but Make it Epic.

The world is spinning and constantly changing! 

We stood still for a while, working from home, making lunches in our kitchens and eating over Zoom meetings. However, as more people return to the office environment and meetings are back to being in person, the need for office catering is returning. 

At Epic, we want to put the energy back into the office. We want your teams to be excited about the long meetings ahead – and what better way to do that than with food? Hey, you have to get them in there somehow, right? And we’ve got you covered. Our menu offers restaurant-style, exciting breakfast and lunch options to suit everyone. 

Epic at Work

If you know Epic, you know we like to “go big or go home“. 

We have re-designed our branding with you in mind. An edgy, fast-paced, fun and caffeinated Millennial or Gen Z ready to take on the world! Our new branding seeks to connect with a whole generation of office workers hungry for more. 

The best part is that the same EPIC chefs catering to our wedding side of the business carefully prepare every element of your office buffet. Fresh ingredients and even fresher meals are made just for you in our Cardiff HQ. No “cookie-cutter” exercise, no pre-packed feel. 

What to Expect – Keep on Rolling! 

Buffet lunches: Choose from a selection of yummy sandwiches, flaky pastries, veg or cheeses, and a choice of two desserts – New York cheesecake or lemon drizzle cakes.

Hot boxes: Want to add a little bit of spice? Try our hot box and prepare to be blown away. Brisket? We got it! Mac and Cheese? Yes, we do too! Curry? Why not? Go wild.  

Breakfast buffets: We do breakfast too! Oh, imagine Dave from accounting’s face when he sees all the fresh pastries for breakfast. Yeah, he will be everyone’s friend now. Expenses approved! 

Why Should You Do Office Catering For Your Next Big Meeting

Science says it’s good for the work environment, so it must be true. 

Who doesn’t love food, right? According to, “The brain knows that when a person eats, they’re doing something right, and it releases feel-good chemicals”. The dopamine release helps the brain with functions like motivation, attention, and working memory – the things we need to activate at work meetings. It’s science, guys! 

Fancy giving Epic at Work a try? 

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